High Wycombe Kickboxing Club

High Wycombe Kickboxing club

High Wycombe kickboxing club has been running classes at the British Legion since the early eighties:

Our club at the legion has spawned many clubs in the High Wycombe area but each with it's own distinctive style. At the legion, you will find that we are dedicated to teaching kickboxing and self defense techniques, which are the core of all of our classes. Some clubs tend to focus more on exercising to music and non-contact training. Learning Martial Arts is an extremely rewarding past time but it does take a lot of dedication and preparation. That's why when you attend our classes you spend the majority of your time learning martial arts techniques, you can go to an aerobics class if you want to jump around to music.

We operate a pay-as-you-go system at the club. If you miss a class you do NOT pay for it. You pay for what you do, no expensive monthly fees.

We do not allow our classes to grow too large. With our class sizes you can be assured that each and every student receives personal attention

So, if you want to get fitter, stronger, and gain more confidence? Wycombe Kickboxing Club is the right place for you. Our kickboxing classes will help you to build advanced self defense skills, make new friends, we are a friendly club with members of all ages, and you will also greatly improve your general fitness, stamina and flexibility.

Whether you are a complete novice in the world of martial arts and kickboxing, a black belt, or simply aiming to build up your personal fitness, Wycombe Kickboxing Club will help you to achieve your aims in our safe, friendly environment.

You won't find any intimidating hard heads, bullies or such like in our club. No big egos or attitudes to contend with, just well-structured kickboxing classes delivered by dedicated, expert professionals who make sure that the emphasis of the classes is based on learning martial arts in a fun atmosphere.


Gradings and belts can be taken at regular intervals at the club. This gives everybody the chance to take belts as and when they become ready. Your instructors will tell you when they think you are in a position to take your next grading/belt. There are benefits to taking gradings, your next belt gives you something to push yourself for. It also tells new members of the club at which level you are within the ranks.

We do not insist on students taking grading however we do feel that it should be encouraged.

are normally the aim in kickboxing classes as it gives you something to push yourself for, a goal. We do not however, insist on students going forward for gradings/belts. This is something that you the student will decide


Do you have to spar? Bearing in mind that this is a kickboxing class we do hold sparring sessions weekly. These are by no means compulsory, they are attended by students who are given the option. If you feel that you'd like to take part in sparring, then mention it to your instructors.

During sparring sessions we always insist on the following: All protective clothing must be worn at ALL times, gum protector, head guard, regulation gloves, shin and foot pads.

Having said that, we are a semi contact club and do not take kindly to over aggressive combat and will not tolerate it. the emphasis in Wycombe Kickboxing Club is on training in a friendly atmosphere and helping eachother better our own self being and martial arts skills.


Call now

Thinking about coming down? Call Shaun now and get details of the class, or just come along to the trades and have a tryout, you owe it to yourself. Tel:07737723077


Club Functions

From time to time we organise nights out or other functions for club members. We attend tournaments and inter-club events.

Class Times

Mondays   Sparring higher grades 7pm to 8-30pm

Tuesdays KIDS 6-30pm to 7-30pm  ADULTS 7-45pm to 9pm

Thursdays KIDS 6-30pm to 7-30pm ADULTS 7-45pm to 9pm

Beginners Welcome

We were all beginners once. Why not come down and have a go, no pressure to join up. Our members are a friendly bunch.

Club Philosophy

Our club here in High Wycombe is run in such a way that as members progress they then take on more responsibility. Our members are very friendly and take their training very seriously. As a newcomer you will benefit not just from the instructors but the members will also be making sure you get things right. Some things that you will gain from a membership with us.

  • More confidence and self esteem
  • Optimum fitness and Stamina
  • A Sense of achievement
  • A wider social circle

Martial Arts Training

Martial arts training will get you in optimum physical and mental condition. Teach you how to deal with threatening situations and give you a sense of respect.


Stretching is a vital part of any martial arts class. When done correctly it will enhance your daily life, enable you to advance in martial arts and make you feel much better within yourself.
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