Class Structure

Class Structure is divided into three sections

1.Warm up


3.This may differ depending on classes and could consist  of the following

Syllabus work

Pad Work

Kicking Techniques

Sparring Techniques



Class Times

Mondays   Sparring higher grades 7pm to 8-30pm

Tuesdays KIDS 6-30pm to 7-30pm  ADULTS 7-45pm to 9pm

Thursdays KIDS 6-30pm to 7-30pm ADULTS 7-45pm to 9pm

Club Philosophy

Our club here in High Wycombe is run in such a way that as members progress they then take on more responsibility. Our members are very friendly and take their training very seriously. As a newcomer you will benefit not just from the instructors but the members will also be making sure you get things right. Some things that you will gain from a membership with us.

  • More confidence and self esteem
  • Optimum fitness and Stamina
  • A Sense of achievement
  • A wider social circle