Club Equipment

Can Be ordered directly from one of the instructors


Class Times

Mondays   Sparring higher grades 7pm to 8-30pm

Tuesdays KIDS 6-30pm to 7-30pm  ADULTS 7-45pm to 9pm

Thursdays KIDS 6-30pm to 7-30pm ADULTS 7-45pm to 9pm

Club Philosophy

Our club here in High Wycombe is run in such a way that as members progress they then take on more responsibility. Our members are very friendly and take their training very seriously. As a newcomer you will benefit not just from the instructors but the members will also be making sure you get things right. Some things that you will gain from a membership with us.

  • More confidence and self esteem
  • Optimum fitness and Stamina
  • A Sense of achievement
  • A wider social circle