Junior Classes Kids Kickboxing classes in High Wycombe

Our junior classes offer something for children of all abilities from the age of 5, right up until they are 16 years old.

We as a club lay the foundations for a better future by providing them with a constructive focus for their energy. We open their eyes to a form of exercise they can be enthusiastic about, we develop the self-respect and self-worth they may be lacking, we encourage them to achieve their goals and we instil in them RESPECT, COURAGE, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, and PERSERVERANCE.

Students of all ages and abilities train both as a whole class and in selected groups based on their competence or grade. Younger children and lower grade students can get to grips with the basics starting with the correct guard and stance, stretching, warm up games, basic techniques and lower grade syllabus. Older children and higher grade students will still practice the same basic techniques, as practice makes perfect but will also progress to more complex techniques, stretching, physical exercise and higher grade syllabus.

£4:00 per session. Payable in blocks of 4

Adult Classes High Wycombe Kickboxing Classes

Our adult classes offer something for adults of all abilities from the age of 16 onwards whether they just want to come along and get fit, get confident or get graded!

Some of the older more competent students in our junior classes may be given the opportunity to train alongside adults in our adult classes should we feel it would be beneficial to them when working towards higher grades.

Our adult classes offer a balanced and varied program which includes elements of fitness such as aerobic, strength, stretching and balance as well as basic to complex techniques within kickboxing, sparring and advanced self-defence techniques.

£5:00 per session. Payable in blocks of 4